Category: Locomotives

  • K&T Critter

    K&T Critter

    A work in progress, Carolyn built this Critter as part of a class hosted by the Houston Area Live Steamers. It is a battery powered narrow gauge model awaiting a body. This project has been purchased by John Oglesby of Georgetown.

  • T&NT #710 1.5″ Scale 2-8-0

    T&NT #710 1.5″ Scale 2-8-0

    Carroll purchased this Allen Models based 2-8-0 in 2010 for his Texoma & North Texas Railroad. It is a smooth runner and strong puller. Here we see Alexander at the throttle at the Houston Area Live Steamers.

  • T&NT #18 & #22 Industrial Switchers

    T&NT #18 & #22 Industrial Switchers

    Carroll built these MU’d switchers for his Texoma & North Texas Railroad. Carroll debuted the new bodies at Brent Courtney’s meet in December, 2015. The pair has been sold to Doug Price of San Antonio and are still seen often at SWLS meets.

  • K&T #478 1.5″ Scale SW Diesel

    K&T #478 1.5″ Scale SW Diesel

    After inheriting #478, Carolyn had it changed to K&T livery. Carroll did the painting. Stephen provided the lettering.

  • T&NT #7 1.5″ Scale Boxcab Diesel

    T&NT #7 1.5″ Scale Boxcab Diesel

    Carroll built this boxcab for easy fun with his grandkids. Note the facial detail on the boxcab.

  • UP #6988 1.5″ Scale DDA40X

    UP #6988 1.5″ Scale DDA40X

    Carroll Enders completed his DDA40X in 1988. It is one of just a few models of this historic diesel in the hobby. Carroll has maintained the prototypical Union Pacific livery. Here we see Carroll pulling a freight consist out of the yard at Tom Miller’s track in Oregon.

  • K&T #486 1.5″ Scale Plymouth Switcher

    K&T #486 1.5″ Scale Plymouth Switcher

    Lee and Carolyn Balkum purchased this switcher from Alex Hitzfelder in April, 1986. Stephen modified it for tight switching duties in the early 1990s. It is lettered for the Katy & Texas.

  • #1005 1.5″ Scale Boxcab Diesel

    #1005 1.5″ Scale Boxcab Diesel

    After the passing of Stephen’s father-in-law Gerry Benner, Stephen swapped Gerry’s extensive HO collection for a new battery powered boxcab diesel. Here the #1005 takes a tour of the Maricopa Live Steamers with Carroll and BJ Enders and Carolyn.

  • #591 1.5″ Scale 2-8-0 Consolidation

    #591 1.5″ Scale 2-8-0 Consolidation

    John Enders’ great-grandson Alexander Balkum at the throttle of #591, a 1.5″ scale Consolidation. The locomotive was designed and started by Clarence and Paul King in 1972. Construction was completed by John for Ed Leatherwood who purchased the project from the Kings. In May of 1991, the locomotive was purchased by Lee & Carolyn Balkum.…

  • #598 1.5″ Scale SW Switcher

    #598 1.5″ Scale SW Switcher

    John purchased this SW switcher #598 in May of 1998. He later sold it to Chuck Ellis and it has been sold again since.