Category: Railroad

  • Recent Work Day Activities

    Thanks to Tim for remembering to take photos!

  • Lanterns for #13

    Finally, #13 gets lanterns and is ready for night running.

  • A View from Above

    Kari brought her architect friend Vanessa this morning. Vanessa programmed her drone for a low altitude flyover. The resulting image of the entire ranch will be used for detailed surveying going forward. Kari and Vanessa then filled the trailer with root balls for the burn pile. (Stephen unloaded the trailer the next morning and positioned…

  • A Little Shop Time

    Stephen spent a little time Sunday in the shop addressing a couple of small projects. First task was to prepare fish plates for the upcoming work day. Using Ken’s rail slot punch with Stephen’s fish plate jig, approximately 150 fish plates were made in short order. Timing tests show it takes 20 seconds to punch…

  • Clearing and grading

    Kari, Tim, Paul, and Stephen worked the morning clearing downed trees and branches from the Austin loop Saturday morning. This included two large dead cedar trees that the February ice storm brought down over the right of way. Stephen was able to grade the right of way from Austin around the loop and it is…

  • Laying Track

    Another workday at the A&TC despite the Texas heat. Alexander, Tim, and Sam are sweating it out laying panels in Coleto. They are getting ready to tie in a switch for a spur to the White Aggregates ballast tipple.

  • Cut and fill complete

    At long last, the cut and fill has been completed. Here is a walk from the end of the fill up the 1% grade through the cut and then to Coleto. In case you are wondering, the deepest part of the cut has been done for over a year and the walls have not collapsed.…

  • Building panels

    Despite the rain, we made a lot of track panels.

  • Big ties

    We load three trailers of railroad ties.

  • Chipping the brush

    The Woodland Mills WC68 wood chipper has arrived.